Amber Le Bon argues with her dad to "release tension".

Amber Le Bon

Amber Le Bon

The 26-year-old model insists she and Duran Duran rocker Simon Le Bon never bear grudges over what has been said in a row so find it best to take their frustrations out on one another, rather than other people.

She said: "I argue with my dad because we both have short-term argument memories.

"We'll fight and then, five minutes later, we'll be friends again.

"It's a good way to release tension. We argue with each other so no one else has to bear it."

While she enjoys a good argument, Amber can't bear rudeness.

She said: "Be nice to people, it's the easiest thing.

"I can't stand being around rude people. If someone is rude I walk away."

The DJ can never take herself too seriously because she is so "clumsy".

She said: "I have this special trick of falling up the stairs. At home if anyone hears a thump they are automatically like, 'Amber are you OK?' I'm way too clumsy to take myself seriously."

Amber - whose mother is model Yasmin Le Bon - was recently left "winded" after an accident but it wasn't her fault.

She said: "A guy hit me with his bicycle while I was crossing the road when the green man was showing.

"I was literally on the ground winded and he was yelling at me like it was my fault."

Amber has to walk places as she has a fear of driving.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "Not learning to drive when I was 17. Now I have a real fear of it. I think it's my spatial awareness that's the problem."