Amelia Warner has embraced a "simple" life with her husband Jamie Dornan.

Amelia Warner with her husband Jamie Dornan

Amelia Warner with her husband Jamie Dornan

The 39-year-old actress has been married to the 'Belfast' and 'Fifty Shades Darker' actor since 2013 and says that the pair far prefer living a slower pace of life.

Amelia told The Times newspaper: "I feel that we're good at keeping things at a level of normality, and as long as we're all together it's very simple for us. I'm definitely more comfortable on a dog-walk than being glammed up."

The star – who shares children Dulcie, eight, Elva, five and Alberta, two, with Jamie – says that her family have embraced the travel that comes as part of her husband's job and explained how they enrolled the children into a school in Australia as he filmed the TV series 'The Tourist'.

Amelia explained: "We're used to the travel. It's part of our lives. We've got it all down to a good routine, and as they get older I'm sure we'll make different decisions."

The actress – who has appeared in TV series such as 'Waking the Dead' and 'Lorna Doone' – will celebrate her 40th birthday in June and is looking forward to her milestone birthday.

Amelia said: "I'm really excited about turning 40. It seems to be a really good time – you're hopefully just coming through having small children and everything starts opening up again. It feels like there's a lot more space. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll definitely mark it somehow."

Warner has embraced open-water swimming and feels it provides a significant boost to her mental health.

She said: "Even five years ago I would have said, 'No thanks'. I think it's just getting older and being more interested in pushing myself. It's really good for building confidence and it definitely has a noticeable effect on mental health. If you have low moods, or you're feeling a bit down, it really does help."

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