Amy Childs' ex boyfriend Bradley Wright has claimed "lots of other stuff" contributed to their split.

Amy Childs

Amy Childs

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star recently gave birth to her first child Polly with the dark-haired hunk, but just weeks after welcoming he tiny tot into the world the former couple decided to go their separate ways, which Bradley believes is because he didn't feel like he was his partner's "priority".

Speaking to OK! magazine about the break-up, he said: "If Amy feels like I wasn't helping with Polly it was because I've been very busy with work.

"I'm a tree surgeon and ground worker, so it's dangerous if I'm tired.

"Everything was my fault and I never had a say, so I just kept out of it.

"I wasn't Amy's priority - other people were. There's a lot of other stuff involved in this split."

And the flame-haired television personality has previously hinted Bradley's hectic work life put a strain on their love life, especially after she revealed he went back to work five days after she gave birth to leave her to cope with their newborn on her own.

She previously said: "He was good for five days and I thought, maybe things will be different.

"But then it felt like the novelty had worn off for him. He was coming back from work later. With a new-born, dads get two weeks off but Brad was back to work after five days."

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