Andrew Garfield doesn't think Twitter is very "nourishing".

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield

The 'Hacksaw Ridge' star doesn't really like to use social media sites too much because he doesn't feel it is the best thing for personal development.

He said simply: "It doesn't seem nourishing."

And the 34-year-old actor also revealed the "different experiences" of fame he has undergone as he revealed he understands where people are coming from when they idolise famous people as he would feel the same around the likes of Mahatma Gandhi.

He added to the The Sunday Times' Culture magazine: "There are different experiences I have. The best is when you come out of the stage door and someone hands you a letter in which they thanked me for saving their life. That is the best part of fame.

"Then there is this weird idolising, and I relate because there are people I meet where I say, 'You're a god', and feel them getting incredibly uncomfortable. If I was in the presence of any of those [Gandhi, Lamar, Rylance] , it would take me a while to be at ease [especially Gandhi] because he's dead."

Meanwhile, Andrew previously revealed he is always on the lookout for "challenging" and "meaningful" movie roles.

He explained: "I'm looking for thing that are challenging and give something meaningful to the audience. If I can look at the majority of things I've done and say that's the case, that makes me happy because I know that my heart's in every one of them. What I'm looking for when I step into the cinema is a reminder of what's important and what's meaningful in life. Human life is so disposable now.

"This is a really sick time in Western civilisation, so I'm looking to be part of feeding an audience and a culture with something that thinks to bring us back together."

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