David Bowie's ex-wife claims he turned her son against her.

Angie Bowie

Angie Bowie

Angie Bowie - who was married to the 68-year-old singer for ten years until 1980 - insists she never sees her son Duncan Jones, 44, anymore because her ex-husband dislikes her so much.

When asked if she's close to her son by David Gest, a fellow housemate on UK show 'Celebrity Big Brother', she said: "No, I don't see him at all, he doesn't like me. But my daughter likes me. I guess David told him not to [talk to me]. It does seem odd."

However, the 66-year-old model is glad to have such a close relationship with daughter Stacia Lipka, who she has with her former boyfriend, Andrew Lipka.

She shared: "Yes she's wonderful shes a good egg, I love her, she's very sensible."

Meanwhile, Angie previously revealed she has gone to "great lengths" to avoid the 'Space Oddity' singer since they split.

She said: "I go to great lengths to avoid him. Did you think I was going to be polite, to be nice, so that people like me?

"No. It was terrible when we broke up, it was awful. He came to visit at first, and then he didn't want to visit me anymore.'"