Anna Friel finds plans for New Year's Eve always turn out to be disappointing.

Anna Friel

Anna Friel

The former 'Pushing Daisies' actress tries to leave deciding how to mark the turning of the year as late as possible, as she thinks she is only setting herself up for things to go wrong if she has grand expectations for the evening.

Asked her plans for New Year, she said: "I've got a place in Majorca so I might head there.

"I usually find if you plan New Year's, it's disappointing.

"I might wait until a few days before and see who is around, because I think it's about who you're with, not what you're doing."

The 40-year-old actress - who is in a relationship with Rhys Ifans and has daughter Gracie, 11, with former partner David Thewlis - has set herself a number of New Year's resolutions, and has already made a start on putting them into practice.

She said: "My New Year's resolution is always to try and be more patient. I'm quite efficient and I get things done quickly.

"Also, drink more water.

"And my new thing is listening to podcasts and running. I did, like, 12 miles last week doing that."

Though Anna stayed in the UK for Christmas, she did think about jetting off somewhere snowy.

She said: "I always go up north. But I kept Googling things like, 'Switzerland' and 'cabins by frozen lakes' because I really want a cabin in the snow.

"I might have to wait until January."