Anna Kendrick felt like she was "on drugs" when she organised her garage.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

The 'Trolls' actress recently had some "accidental time off" from work and couldn't believe how happy she felt tidying out her storage space.

She said: "I had some accidental time off, so I've been enjoying opening my mail, seeing my friends, sleeping in my own bed. I'm a champion sleeper.

"Also, I organised my garage and it made me so happy that I felt like I was on drugs. I built industrial shelving, bought tubs from Ikea, put my Christmas decorations in clear containers so I can see them ... I feel like I'm on drugs just talking about it now."

The 30-year-old star claims her life is "falling apart" because she isn't very good at balancing her commitments.

Asked how her time management is, she said: "Bad. My life has been falling apart for four years."

Anna admitted she is a workaholic but is trying to commit to fewer projects as she worries the public will grow tired of her.

She said: "You know, I'm trying to rein in my workaholism because I don't think people really want six movies a year from me!"

Having so many movies to promote means the actress has to have a number of premiere outfits and though she enjoys the "marathon" wardrobe sessions, she wishes she was more confident with her choices.

She admitted to InStyle magazine: "My crew try to do all-day fittings, like a giant outfits marathon. I wish I had the balls to be Chloë Sevigny and not give a s**t what E! News thinks. When I try on a Marni dress, I love it and then go, 'But I'm just gonna get assassinated if I wear that.'"

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