Ariana Grande has reportedly been granted a restraining order against a fan who was found trespassing at her home.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

The 26-year-old pop star and her mother Joan Grande have obtained a permanent restraining order against the man, who was arrested at her home in Los Angeles in March.

The fan has been ordered to remain at least 100 yards away from Ariana, Joan and their respective homes, according to E! News, which reports that Joan claimed authorities "discovered notes in [the man's] backpack expressing a desire and threat to murder my daughter".

In her court declaration, Joan wrote: "I am fearful for my safety and for my daughter's safety.

"As a result of Mr. Henriquez's actions, I have suffered, and continue to suffer, emotional distress. I am afraid that Mr. Henriquez will come to my home in the future."

Fidel Henriquez was arrested at the '7 Rings' hitmaker's home when he allegedly showed up to Ariana's property, bypassed security, knocked on her front door and asked to speak with her - although she wasn't home at the time.

Fidel was taken into police custody on March 14 and booked on misdemeanour trespassing and felony battery charges, after he allegedly spat at one of the police officers who arrived on the scene to arrest him.

At the time, sources said it was unclear how the man bypassed security measures on the grounds to get to Ariana's door, but once he did, the police were called.

When officers arrived at the scenes, they allegedly found a love note to Ariana, which included directions to her house.

The chart-topping pop star did not speak publicly about the incident at the time, but she subsequently approached the courts in order to obtain a restraining order.

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