Ariel Winter says her antidepressants caused her to struggle with her weight.

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter

The 21-year-old actress has faced harsh criticism online in the past for her curves, and she has now said the reason hitting the gym never seemed to work for her, was because her antidepressant medication was causing her to gain weight.

She said: "Years ago, it was hard because I'd go to the gym with my trainer and because of my antidepressant medications I never saw results."

The 'Modern Family' star then went through the process of changing her medication to try and find one that didn't come with the side effect, although she insists her decision to change medication wasn't influenced by a desire to be slimmer.

She added: "I didn't change my antidepressants because I wanted to lose weight, I'd just accepted it and it was fine. I got inspired to actually find a medication that helped me as a person and did all the things I wanted it to do."

Instead, the change in medication helped Ariel feel better about herself "mentally".

She explained: "When I changed meds, and started feeling better about myself mentally, losing weight was helpful because it made me feel like I wasn't just stuck. I hate being stuck anywhere in life."

And although Ariel is thankful to have lost a little weight, she insists she doesn't want to lose any more, and would rather just "gain muscle".

Speaking to Women's Health magazine, she said: "I have two abs currently and I'm looking to get more. I'll do cardio occasionally but I'm not looking to lose any more weight, I'm looking to gain muscle.

"I'm doing something for myself that I'm seeing positive results from, and that makes me feel stronger and better. I'm feeling more energised and healthier, and it's inspiring me to do new things."

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