Ashley Graham has declared "clean eating" and exercise should not be prioritised over "joy and laughter".

Ashley Graham has opened up about her secret to a happy life

Ashley Graham has opened up about her secret to a happy life

The model has lifted the lid on her secrets to a happy life, and she's convinced too many people sacrifice fun for the sake of being super-healthy - insisting she tries to make sure her husband Justin Ervin, son Isaac, two, and five-month old twin boys Roman and Malachi are't living in a "sad home".

She told Shape magazine: "Balance is bulls**t. We have a love of laughter in our home, and I think that laughter is the missing link when it comes to medicine and living a healthy lifestyle. Eating clean, healthy foods and moving my body and that kind of stuff seems secondary if you're living in a sad home or a stressful place. Joy and laughter are big deals in our family."

Ashley went on to reveal she keeps her stress levels down using regular yoga and rollerblading sessions, and she also keeps a journal which she says improves her mental health.

The 34-year-old star added of her journaling: "It's like popping a pimple; (you need to) get the pus out."

The former 'America's Next Top Model' judge became a mum again earlier this year when she welcomed her twin boys, but suffered complications during the traumatic birth which left her bedridden for a week.

She previously opened up about the experience in an essay for Glamour magazine, revealing she gave birth to Roman in her bathtub at home before being joined by her doula for when Malachi came along,

Ashley wrote: "The midwives asked me if I could stand up and walk to bed. I couldn’t. I couldn’t sit up or even crawl. So they got a twin-size bed sheet, rolled me onto it, and slid me down my hall into my guest room, where I had a trundle bed that I could barely roll onto. Thank goodness the twins were fine, while I lay on that bed for four straight days. I couldn’t walk for a week. And I didn’t leave my house for nearly two months."

Ashley has since made a full recovery.