Aston Merrygold moved his girlfriend into his house without telling her.

Aston Merrygold and Sarah Richards in OK! magazine

Aston Merrygold and Sarah Richards in OK! magazine

The former JLS singer has been dating dancer Sarah Richards since 2012 and in February 2014, he took the opportunity of her being away on tour to remove her belongings from her mum's house, take them to his and then surprised her by arriving at her dressing room with a card, flowers, and a photo showing he'd found a place for all her things in his home.

Sarah said: "He can be stubborn and set in his ways. He has to do things when he's ready, so whenw e moved in together, Aston did it his way."

Aston explained: "Sarah was on tour and I went round to her mum's and collected all her clothes and brought them round here."

Sarah added: "It was Valentine's Day in 2014 and I was on the 'X Factor' tour in Belfast. Aston was supposed to be in the studio recording.

"He called me to say he was sorry he couldn't be with me but that there should be a delivery for me.

"When I told him I hadn't had a delivery, he said he would get onto the tour manager who then appeared in the dressing room, and said that I did have a delivery.

"Then Aston walked in the door with flowers and a card but the card wasn't a Valentine's card - it said, 'You have moved'.

"There was a Polaroid of him in his car with all my stuff and then it all hung up at his house.

"At this point, all the girls in the dressing room were getting emotional.

"That's just to illustrate that he does things in his own time but when he does them, he does well."

The couple are excited to be expecting their first child in the new year and Aston, 29, has vowed to be as hands-on as possible.

Asked if he'll be a hands-on dad, he told Britain's OK! magazine: "A hundred per cent. I'm hoping to tour next year but I want Sarah and the baby to come with me.

"Having a baby doesn't stop you doing anything."

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