Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, born 11 February 1969, 10.22 pm, Sherman 0aks/USA

Aquarians are supposed to lack a sense of responsibility and commitment, but with Jennifer Aniston it’s a bit different. Oh yes, she’s looking for excitement, independence and constant change in life, however she will likely hold on to things as long as she’s getting the mental stimulation out of it that she craves. There’s a dominance of the masculine energies, which means she’s assertive, determined, loves adventures and has high self-confidence. Her need to pour her strength into a worthy cause makes her the perfect partner in crime, but she may sometimes be blinded by her idealistic views and unable to see the whole picture. The way she stays relevant in today‘s fast-moving, often all too fickle film industry is truly admirable – that woman is seriously strong! Her chart confirms that she has her feet firmly on the ground, and that her inner balance and emotional stability are generally really good. It’s hard to believe the Hollywood babe and “sexiest woman alive” actually turned 45 this year!

While Jen’s charming Libra Ascendant lends her beauty and grace, there’s a very feisty side to her which certainly likes to go for whatever takes her fancy. And she wants it quick! She tries to be accommodating and wants to adapt to other people’s needs, but you probably won’t see her go all quiet and shy. She has enough drive and willpower of her own, so she’ll hardly accept anybody ordering her about. She does turn to others in search of emotional closeness and stability though! Being able to connect with other people and express both her personality and her feelings equally well is her natural talent. The actress’s Moon sits in lively, fuss-free Sagittarius: this makes her all the more authentic and approachable and adds to her open-minded and free-spirited attitude. You can tell she has a great sense of humour, and indeed everybody loves her wit. Deep feelings pose a challenge to her, but you can trust her to keep a secret!

In relationships, self-assured Jennifer is too much of a flexible person to allow her desire for having a partner to become her sole focus in life. But what about her love stars with fiancé Justin Theroux? They’re just amazing really: the hot couple’s powerful emotional connection is obvious, and their relationship was bound to be creative, spontaneous and passionate from the beginning. Those two really seem to be on the same page about many things, so they’ll hopefully manage to navigate through a difficult phase especially at the end of this year!

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