Born 22 August 1971, Leicester/UK (birth time unknown)

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage's Sun sign is brave, hot-blooded Leo, meaning that he's not to be messed with. The Leo energy in his chart is increased by Venus, making him a true (and seriously sexy!) leader who easily attracts attention to himself and captures hearts at his leisure. Thanks to this influence, the British star loves creativity and art in all its forms: In fact, he used to be very passionate about music and played several instruments before he turned his attention to acting. You can't help but notice his stately, regal presence - but mind you, he can also come across as the haughty type. His portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit is a great example of how his magnetic charisma and intimidating looks leave people with almost no choice but to become his admiring followers.

Sometimes he may even find himself a little overwhelming, due to his tendency to send himself into a frenzy whilst delivering proof of his heroic potential. But who cares if he goes over the top? The handsome actor is just spectacular to watch when he's losing himself and giving it his all! Although he's a generous soul and big romantic at heart, he still likes to make sure that his authority and dignity are undisputed. While playing the arrogant John Thornton in North and South, Richard showcased his dominant and commanding side. It's a trait which may cause him difficulty tolerating those who do not quite match his strong, impressive personality. He does have a longing for personal glory, but his chart gives away that the actor is challenged to be unselfish and to overcome his ego.

Actually, there's quite the opposite hidden underneath all that proud attitude and cocky behaviour: a fair bit of humbleness and the wish to be of service and make himself useful. It may not be obvious straight away, but there is a calm, thoughtful and conscientious side to Richard's nature, including a propensity for perfection - every line and every gesture in front of the camera have to be immaculate! Also, he likes to keep things neat and tidy and can go into great detail. Of course he's an achiever with a strong desire to "make it big", but he's able to cope just as well in situations where he needs to think on a small scale or adapt to circumstances. It seems he's best motivated when experimenting or when some sort of spontaneous action is required - indeed he's great in action roles and rather quick with a sword! As for Richard's love life, it doesn't have to be a fairytale princess for him as you'd probably expect - maybe partly because he's reluctant to have a partner who could rival him in the spotlight, but definitely because he appreciates real women. The lady who has his heart should come with a down to earth mentality, not with lots of plastic surgery!

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