Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies

Sarah Wayne Callies, born 1 June 1977, birth time unknown, La Grange/IL, USA

The flexible, versatile sign of Gemini often comes with a talent for language and expression, which is why people born under this sign usually boast considerable communication skills.  Needless to say that this really comes in handy if their profession of choice happens to be acting! So, Gemini lady Sarah Wayne Callies most likely has an easy approach to slipping into a character’s skin, and is quick at learning her lines, too. A very powerfully placed Jupiter puts great emphasis on self-expression, and that includes an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Sarah’s heart truly longs to experience expansion in life: She’ll think of a million ways to improve things and help other people to move on. She wants to grow as much as possible as a person, and also encourage growth of any kind. Faith and following what she believes in will be central themes throughout her life!

Sarah is great at anticipating and can react quickly, but just as well she knows when to take her time to make up her mind about the bigger issues. Also, with her you might get the idea that there’s something hidden, something secretive – but it might just be Neptune‘s alluring vibes which can be ever so confusing and add much softness to her character: she’s just as dreamy as she’s inspiring!

Sarah is definitely equipped with a Moon in Sagittarius, even though we do not know her birth time. This placement enhances her adventurous and generous side, and her excitement for everything foreign and exotic. She’s bustling, full of energy, and obviously likes to go over the top in a rather endearing way! Her chart reveals that the Into the Storm actress is a very happy person who is into seeing the good in everything, although she could see things more positively than they actually are. In contrast, it looks like self-criticism is not so much her cup of tea! Enjoying herself does matter, but thanks to stabilizing influences she values commitment and isn’t really in danger of becoming too immoderate.

There is one part of her chart that clearly shows how much ambition she’s got. When she wants to achieve something, she really wants it. Whatever it takes! You can trust her to know how to defend herself properly, and should you dare trying to keep up with this woman’s power and enthusiasm, you’ll most likely find yourself gasping for breath in no time. Sarah is the passionate type when it comes to love and lust, and relationships for her must never be lacking solid thrill and challenge. Luckily, hubby Josh Winterhalt is a martial arts teacher!

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