Avril Lavigne has offered to host a family Christmas dinner for Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

Justin, 25, discovered he is related to Hollywood actor Ryan, 38, and singer Avril, 34 after looking up his family tree on historical archive website Ancestry.com and after he shared his findings, Avril made the festive family offer.

Justin shared a picture of the evidence on Instagram and wrote: "I also just found out that I'm related to both Ryan gosling and Avril Lavigne this is the best day of my life.. it seems super legit it's on ancestry.com (sic)"

And Avril quickly responded: "I'll host Christmas dinner this year," along with a Santa Claus emoji.

Ryan has yet to publicly comment on his newfound relatives but a message from the official Ancestry account stated: "Totally legit! What a glorious Canadian combo. This totally made our day."

According to Justin's findings, he, Ryan, and Avril share the same 11th great grandparents, while it appears Ryan and Avril also share another relative in the family tree.

According to Ancestry.com, Ryan is Justin's 11th cousin once removed, while Avril is the 'Love Yourself' singer's 12th cousin.

Justin's manager Scooter Braun weighed in on the discovery, writing on Instagram: "I always saw a strong resemblance."

However, fans were quick to point out that they have actually been aware of the family connection for some time.

One person wrote: "why did the general public know this before you did, my guy," while another added: "Everyone already knew this WTF, how did you just find out lmaoo?!?!?!."

And another fan wrote: "I think we all knew this since 2010."