Awkwafina credits Lucy Liu with "opening the door" for Asian women in Hollywood.



The 29-year-old actress and rapper made history on Saturday (06.10.18) as the first Asian woman to host 'Saturday Night Live' in 18 years after the 'Elementary' actress took on the honour in 2000, and during her opening monologue, she said that she had waited outside the building during Lucy's episode, and can't believe she's now hosting the show herself.

She said: "I just want to say, and this is a true story, back in 2000 I came here to 30 Rock and waited outside when my idol Lucy Liu hosted 'SNL'. I was a kid and I didn't have a ticket, so I knew that I wasn't getting in. I just wanted to be near the building and I remember how important that episode was for me, and how it totally changed what I thought was possible for an Asian American woman.

"Standing her tonight was a dream I never knew would come true. Thank you Lucy for opening the door. I wasn't able to make it into the building back then. 18 years later, I am hosting the show. I love you Lucy. Please be my friend!"

The 'Crazy Rich Asians' star also included a quick dig at rapper Kanye West in her speech, when she poked fun at his appearance on the comedy sketch show last week which saw him don a giant sparkling water costume for his first performance with Lil Pump, who also wore a water bottle outfit.

Awkwafina jibed: "I was going to come out dressed as a water bottle, but apparently someone did that last week."

Meanwhile, the 'Ocean's 8' actress - whose real name is Nora Lum - recently admitted she thinks men are intimidated by her, because they worry she'll write a song about them if they date and then break up.

She said: "It's the voice ... Maybe they think I'll write a terrible song about them like Taylor Swift. If you get me angry enough I would."

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