Azealia Banks has claimed Lady Gaga asked her to feud with Nicki Minaj.

Azealia Banks has slammed Lady Gaga

Azealia Banks has slammed Lady Gaga

The 'Licorice' hitmaker was unimpressed when a fan suggested she collaborate with the 'Poker Face' singer, insisting she has no "respect" for the 'Star is Born' actress after she allegedly asked her to get involved with her "beef" with Nicki.

She replied in a series of tweets: “Lastly, no. That woman has zero respect for Black women. I cannot ever respect her for literally asking me to beef with Nicki Minaj on her behalf, I refuse and send a less incendiary song, insinuates that were gonna spill Nicki’s *human blood* (f****** eye roll)...

"The gays have been falling for her hodge podge pseudo bs for years. At least Lana has the balls to admit that she’s a whites only water fountain confederate sally American lynch-mob romanticist....

“Like her deep deep jealousy and hatred for Nicki Minaj and the sneaky s*** she was saying and trying to do behind the scenes was just gross. If I want to beef or pop s*** about Nicki I will do so on my own accord. I will never do a white woman’s bidding for her. TUH.(sic)"

The '212' hitmaker insisted she had proof of Gaga "s*** talking" Nicki written in an old phone.

She wrote: "I definitely have those Lady Gaga shit talking Nicki Minaj reciepts in an old phone, telling me she wanted to drink my blood…(sic)"

And Azealia hit back at Twitter users suggesting she was just upset the 'Bad Romance' singer had rejected her for a collaboration.

She replied: "Pfffft . I never EVER sent the girl a collab. She sent me TWO, I turned in ONE , and she will STILL never EVER beat “212,” … Azealia Banks is the Diva who outwhitegirled all the white girls and they are STILL PRESSED.(sic)"