Bam Margera is to have his "brain evaluated" following a session with Dr. Phil.

Bam Margera

Bam Margera

The 'Jackass' star met with the television doctor after appealing to him for help shortly after he was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for erratic behaviour, and after he slammed his wife Nikki Boyd and his own mother - and he has now praised Dr. Phil as "the greatest" following the chat.

Bam - who has 19-month-old son Phoneix Wolf with Nikki - wrote on Instagram: "Dr. Phil is the greatest, he secretly flew out nikki and phoenix wolf, had my mom on standby. Got down to thebroot of the problem and isolated it down with no one interupting eeachother. Pr. Phil "bambis not crazy, he is extremely frustrated with certain issues, ban is not crazy!"???nope

"Off to dallas to get my brain evaluated! Thanks dr phil and michelle 24832199 my phone will be off for a while. Later (sic)"

The 39-year-old stunt performer also admitted he tested negative for alcohol and drugs during his meeting with Dr. Phil.

He added: "By the way i was evaluated and tested for alchol and drugs, the results were negative. Not drunk or drinking, and not on drugs either!! (sic)"

Sources told TMZ that Bam teared up several times during the emotional three-hour sit down, and following the discussion he headed to rehab to begin a 60-90 day treatment.

It comes after Bam - who has previously been in rehab to help with his issues with addiction - appealed to Dr. Phil for assistance in a series of lengthy Instagram posts, after he had claimed he has disowned his mum April, and suggested Nikki may hold their son against him if they split up.

He said: "Dr. Phil I need your help in a big, big way."

Referring to his son, he said: "He's the best - I love him to death, and Nikki knows that. And if we separate, I know she's going to use him as bait, and I ain't playing that f***ing game, so you can have him."

Over the weekend, he also clashed with Southwest Airlines staff in Atlanta, Georgia as he said he had drunk 50 shots of tequila, but called workers "idiots" for believing him.

Sharing the conflict on Instagram, he raged: "What are you, a f***ing moron? Do you think anybody could do 50 shots of tequila? You are out of your God damn mind."

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