Bella Hadid has been taking time away from social media to “reflect and learn about [her]self”.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

The 24-year-old model took to Instagram on Thursday (21.01.21) for the first time since January 5 to share an update with her followers where she explained her absence from the platform.

Bella said she had taken time away for self-reflection, and now believes she has a “closer relationship” to herself and “spirituality”.

She wrote: “I took some time away to reflect and learn about myself in a way that would be too much to explain at the moment , but with time I will express. The memories and fortune I came back with are pure wisdom, a closer relationship with myself & my spirituality, a sense of self-love that I have always lacked , a few great friends, and these books that saw me through.

“I found myself, my strength and my light again. I am only here to be an instrument of peace & love to help people that suffer and hopefully the world, in time... Thank you to my angels who have supported and have continued to love me , for me. You saved me. Take time to get help for your mental health. It’s worth it to get to your full potential. (sic)”

Following her post, Bella received the support of her fans in the comments, and even her own dad, Mohamed Hadid left some words of encouragement.

He wrote: “I [love] you Bella you are a shinning light in the darkest night (sic)”

Meanwhile, Mohamed previously said being father to Bella, as well as her model siblings Gigi and Anwar Hadid, is a "tremendous burden".

He said: "People don't look at me as Mohamed Hadid. They look at me as the father of Gigi and Bella and Anwar and Alana and Marielle.

"It's dangerous for me to be their father. I have to be very careful. Everything I do is a reflection on them.

"[People] use my kids as an instrument to harass me.

"Just being their father is a tremendous burden on me. They were my kids. Now I'm their father. It is what it is."

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