Bella Hadid says her boyfriend The Weeknd is the most beautiful person she knows.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

The 22-year-old model rekindled her romance with the 'Starboy' singer this year after previously dating him for over a year between early 2015 and late 2016 and since getting back together with him Bella just can't get enough of her bae.

When asked who the most beautiful person is in her life for Vogue's

'73 Questions' video interview, Bella simply replied: "My boyfriend."

The catwalk star also opened up on her "resting bitch face" admitting her unintentional scowl deters people from speaking to her.

Opening up about what goes through her mind when she's being photographed, Bella said: "Um, be fierce, be fierce, be fierce but don't be too fierce because apparently it really freaks people out. I get told that people don't think I'm as nice as I am, and I guess the resting bitch face kind of throws them off."

The brunette beauty - whose older sister is 23-year-old Gigi Hadid -previously enrolled on a photography course at Parsons School of Design in New York before her modelling career took off and in the Q&A session she also revealed she "loves making art".

Speaking about her love of photography, she said: "It's true, I never left the house without my camera, and then I went to school for photography and film at Parsons. Why Photography? I just love making art. I love lighting, I love holding a camera, I love - you know - being able to take a picture and set a time and place and capture emotion. You know, Steven Meisel, growing up, I think all of his pictures from the 90s and I mean up until now he's such an iconic photographer. He actually made me love photography and modelling."

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