Bella Hadid "finally" feels "centred", and it's making her "smile more".

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

The 21-year-old model has become known for her serious gaze in photos, but she has now revealed she's breaking the habit and plastering a smile on her face because she's in a much happier place in her life since battling Lyme disease, which sapped her energy.

She said: "I was always really self-conscious of myself and I didn't like my smile. I thought I had a crooked smile my whole life. When I started modelling, it was such an intense force that I guess I just didn't smile and I didn't want to, and then it became a thing that I didn't smile. I just wasn't really feeling well and I didn't like my smile. I got really sick for a few years, so I kind of lost myself in that.

"Now, I smile so much more, because I'm so much more in my power and finally centred. I'm such a people person, and I kind of lost that when I wasn't feeling well, so now that I'm back working all the time, getting to do press like this is really fun. I love interacting with people. I'm figuring myself out along the way."

Looking back on her early modelling days, Bella wishes she had been herself from the start, and not tried to hide her smile.

She added: "I wish somebody had told me to really be myself when I was younger. When I started working three years ago, I think I tried to mould myself."

Bella admits she's still left feeling exhausted due to her hectic schedule and her ongoing battle with Lyme disease - which an infectious disease spread by ticks - but she is learning how to power through.

Speaking to InStyle, she said: "If you're tired, you're tired, and you have to get over it. I love my job, and at the end of the day, my bed feels very sweet at night."