Bianca Gascoigne feels like she's married to Kris Boyson already.

Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca Gascoigne

The couple have been isolating together during the coronavirus pandemic after going on their first date at the start of lockdown and Bianca feels that has brought them much closer together even more quickly.

She said: "The funny thing is, we've fast-forwarded like three years because of lockdown. In a normal dating situation, people see each other once a week. We had our first date the week before lockdown and then went into lockdown and spent every second of every day with each other. I feel like we're a married couple already to be honest!"

And Kris sees Bianca as "ultimate wifey material" and he loves how "committed" she is to their relationship.

He added: "Bianca is ultimate wifey material. I'll be finishing work after a hard day and even if she's had work, she'll always make sure dinner is ready. It's amazing because it shows that she's committed. But we just bounce off each other. She's got a great personality and we just get on and have a laugh."

Bianca is definitely keen to have children with Kris, who admits he is "really family oriented".

She said: "We've had the conversation because I've just turned 34 and my friends are all settling down and having babies. Children have never been a big thing for me, I've always just pushed the idea to one side. But then as soon as my friends had them, I was like, 'Oh my God, no, I really love them so much.'"

Whilst Kris added in a joint interview to new! magazine: "I've always wanted kids. I'm really family oriented and my mum is desperate to have some grandchildren. My sister has had a couple of kids but we haven't had any Boysons because my sister is married."