Bill Hader didn't expect to win an Emmy Award so didn't bother writing a speech.

Bill Hader at HBO Emmys after-party

Bill Hader at HBO Emmys after-party

The 40-year-old actor admitted it was "bananas" that he scooped the accolade for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role in 'Barry' on Monday (17.09.18) evening and his memory of the moment he got up on stage at Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater is quite vague.

Asked if he'd rehearsed a speech, the former 'Saturday Night Live' star said: "No, no, no. But you do kind of think, because I was nominated a couple times for Saturday Night Live, and I thought, 'Well, maybe this is what I'd say or whatever.' But I didn't do that with this because I was like, 'I'm not going to win,' and then I won, and I have no idea what I said up there."

And Bill recalled his slow reaction when his name was called as the winner of the prestigious award.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's bananas... Well, [series co-creator] Alec Berg yelled a giant expletive right in my ear and then I turned and went, 'Oh, gosh.'

"And something in my brain said, 'You need to stand up,' so I stood up there and hugged the guy from 'Atlanta'. And then, yeah, I went up there."

The comic is now hoping his award win will help him find love after transitioning from goofy sidekick to leading man.

He quipped: "I'm super single, so, you guys, I'm not - I'm just saying in the world, I'm super single."

Bill was shortlisted for the accolade alongside Larry David for 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', Anthony Anderson for 'Black-ish', 'Shameless' star William H. Macy, 'The Good Place' actor Ted Danson and Donald Glover for 'Atlanta'.

After the ceremony ended, Bill showed off his trophy at the HBO Emmy Awards after-party.

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