Billie Eilish goes to therapy "because it's the only person she can talk to".

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

The 'bury a friend' hitmaker admits her job can be difficult sometimes and she finds it hard to talk to people so she goes to a therapist.

She said: "I don't know. People don't like my job. I can't tell anyone about it. Because either it sounds like I'm bragging, or it sounds like I'm being ungrateful. I've started going to therapy, because it's the only person I can talk to."

The 17-year-old singer finds it hard to trust people too.

She added to The Sunday Times' magazine: "[Trust is a] huge one. Some really close friends last year that I thought I could trust completely just used the f*** out of my name. And then complained about it. I was like, what are y'all doing? If you're going to dick ride me, at least enjoy the ride. I don't know who to trust any more."

Billie revealed she is "a lot more protective of everything" since finding fame.

She said: "There are so many things I used to have deal with that I don't at all anymore and there are so many things I never used to have to deal with that I do now. It's a weird balance between the two. I'm a lot more protective of everything ... Everyone [in the music industry] is ready to tell you what to do. Everyone is ready to be, like, 'You're my creation.' It's weird that the hard thing to do is do what you want to, because everyone wants to make a product."