Finneas O'Connell isn't ready to propose to Claudia Sulewski just yet.

Claudia Suleweski and Finneas O'Connell

Claudia Suleweski and Finneas O'Connell

The 22-year-old producer - whose sister is 'Bad Guy' singer Billie Eilish - recently bought a house with his 24-year-old girlfriend, but he insisted he has no plans to pop the question at the moment.

Asked by Us Weekly if he's going to propose, he simply said: "No, not yet."

The loved up couple are going strong, and YouTuber Claudia admitted despite the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic, they are still glad to have the time to spend together during lockdown.

She added: "I think moving together was such a fun and great step, and adopting a dog. We're so happy to be doing those things.

"I think right now we're so grateful to be able to spend this time together, you know, in this period of unknown and uncertainty."

The pair started dating in 2018, and moved into late in 2019, while they launched their own 'We Bought A House' podcast earlier this year as they shared stories of meeting on a dating app and more.

Meanwhile, Finneas - who has co-written and produced his sister Billie's music since her debut EP 'Don't Smile At Me' - admitted his relationship has continued to be "a huge influence" on his writing.

He said: "Claudia has been a huge influence on my music in terms of just like how important she is to my life.

"I think I've always tended to write about my true real life experiences and she's definitely at the core of all of that. So there's a lot of songs about Claudia."

And although the ongoing pandemic has given him a chance to get creative, Finneas also explained how his main priorities have been helping those in need, and concentrating on his own mental health.

He added: "I think our focus during it has been like, in what ways can we help support organisations that are doing great things for people in need right now.

"That's been like probably 50 percent of our attention, then the other 50 percent has just been kind of mental health."