Billy Bob Thornton claims he has mellowed with age.

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton

Although the 64-year-old actor admits he used to be a "bad boy", he says that these days he is more chilled out and has more patience.

Speaking to Italian newspaper 'La Repubblica', he said: "I am not a bad boy anymore, like I used to be. One day I woke up and suddenly found myself being a good guy and very diplomatic. I don't tell anyone to go the hell anymore. I try to see the good out of every situation now. Although I would have many reasons to be upset..."

However, Billy Bob admitted he is still as forthright as ever and won't take any nonsense.

He said: "I definitely don't mince my words, I am over 60 now but I am still rock and roll."

Billy Bob has been married six times but insists that his mother Virginia - who died in 2017 - was the most important woman in his life.

He explained: "The most important woman of my life was my mother. She was a psychic, she predicted many of my achievements and once even told me something that was unthinkable at the time. She said: 'You will work with Burt Reynolds and you are going to win an Oscar before you will even be an actor'. Now I can say: 'mum, you were right'."

Billy Bob - who won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for his 1996 movie 'Sling Blade', for which he was also nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role - previously appeared in Burt's TV show 'Evening Shade'.

And the 'Bad Santa' star shared advice given to him by the acting legend in the past.

He previously said: "I hate flying. I've never been a good flyer. There was a time when you couldn't get me on a plane. Now my schedule is so demanding that I have to fly.

"I still remember what Burt Reynolds told me, 'Never fly with anyone more famous than you, because if the plane crashes they're going to get the big headline.' "

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