Bono used to listen to Backstreet Boys in his car.

Music star Bono

Music star Bono

The U2 frontman used to embarrass his kids – Jordan, 31, Eve, 29, Elijah, 21, and John, 19, who he has with wife Ali Hewson – when on the school run, thanks to his choice of music and unusual outfits.

Speaking about her dad's listening habits, Eve said: “He used to blast Backstreet Boys in his car in traffic on the way to school.

“He’d get out of the car in his dressing gown and dance with his glasses on, and we’d be mortified.”

But the ‘One’ hitmaker also used the drive to school to get his children’s opinions on what U2 were working on.

Eve told OK! magazine: “Me, my sister and my brothers don’t shy away from telling him what to wear and what to listen to.

“We like to tell him, ‘Oh that shot is not good’ and ‘This verse is good’.

“He used to drive us to school and play whatever songs U2 were working on at the time.

“We’d be very upset if the verse we liked didn’t make it on to the album.”

The ‘Behind Her Eyes’ actress admitted having a famous parent has been advantageous for her career, but the down side is that she can be “judged harder”.

She said: “It’s very strange. It was easier for me to get in the door because people are interested in me because of my dad. They just are.

“I have friends who are far more talented than me, but they can’t get a meeting with an agent.

“But weirdly, it can also be really difficult. I think people judge you harder.”

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