Brendan Cole has continued to slam judge Shirley Ballas' comments about his dance routine on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Brendan Cole

Brendan Cole

The dance professional, who is paired with Charlotte Hawkins, was told there was too much "rise and fall" in his Tango and was advised to watch his performance back to learn from the errors, which angered the 41-year-old on Saturday night.

And Brendan still will not let the harsh criticism go and insists there is "non rise and fall" in his choreography.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' on Monday (09.10.17), he said: "I've watched the tape back, I've seen it, there is no rise and fall in it."

And Brendan is so disgruntled by the comments he has even pointed out errors in the other celebrity competitors.

He said: "You could argue with anybody, you could say Aston didn't do a proper cha cha - he did an amazing cha cha."

And Brendan believes his celebrity partner completed a "phenomenal dance" on the weekend, and he believes her performance was even better considering she has had no previous dance training.

He added: "What Charlotte did on Saturday was a phenomenal dance compared to what we've done before and given the fact that she's not one of the [celebrity contestants] from 'X Factor'."

And Charlotte has admitted she felt deflated after receiving the comments.

She said: "I loved what she did, I loved dancing it. This is the problem, it felt so good dancing it and then you get somebody saying 'rise and fall'."

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