Miranda Lambert's husband has left NYPD to work on her security team.

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin

It has been claimed that Brendan McLoughlin has exited his role in the New York Police Department and is now working for the singer to help police her meet and greet events.

One fan told Fox News: "Brendan was one of the security guys checking fans and when it was your turn it was actually Brendan asking if fans had anything they wanted Miranda to sign. Brendan was overheard telling one fan, 'Have her sign your boot!'"

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old singer previously admitted she has reached a new "level" of happiness since meeting Brendan as he keeps things "normal and cool".

She gushed: "It's really good to be genuinely happy. You almost don't realise that you're not until you get there and you're like, 'Man, I didn't know that there was a level of comfort and happiness out there that existed like that.'

"He's a really positive, upbeat person, so that's good for me because I tend to lean negative - we Scorpios do - so we're a good balance. He keeps me in check. He's just normal and cool and always smiling. [When] someone's that happy, there's no choice but to [be happy too] and it's really great."

Miranda also recently insisted she isn't "sad anymore" after meeting the policeman.

Before singing a stripped-down version of 'Tin Man' during her 'Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars' tour, she shared: "Lucky for me, I'm not in a sad time anymore in my life, thank you to my sweet husband - from Staten Island, by the way! So even though I'm not sad anymore thanks to Brendan my husband, I still love a sad country song with all my heart, so I'm going to sing a sad one if you want to get sad with me."

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