Brian Blessed thinks the coronavirus crisis will mark "a new beginning".

Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed

The 84-year-old actor believes that the ongoing pandemic will ultimately prove to be a turning point in human history, suggesting that important lessons will be learnt from the health crisis.

He said: "I was a boy in Goldthorpe in Yorkshire, the son of a coalminer. There I was in the war running in the street with V2 rockets going over, six or seven years of age, and there was a great spirit among the people, caring for each other. And that spirit has come back.

"I see a new light, a new beginning. And I think we are going to learn from it."

Brian also suggested humans should seek to move into space in order to "let the Earth rest".

He told The Times newspaper: "We cannot just live here. We must go to Mars, and beyond. And new forms of getting there. The rocket is very crude - there are now many ways of travelling in space that are far superior to the rocket."

And despite his own advancing years, Brian is still hoping to head into space himself one day.

He shared: "I want to go. I instinctively feel that I will live to about 120, 130. I’m the oldest man to reach the North Pole, for God’s sake - they said I couldn’t do it. I climbed the highest mountain in South America, 20,000ft."

The charismatic actor is well-known for his booming voice, but he insists there's also a more thoughtful side to his personality.

He said: "I love silence, I love peace, I love sitting in my little wooden cabin.

"I don’t think I’m shy, no. But I do enjoy life..."