Brian May is feeling "frustrated" in isolation.

Brian May has coronavirus

Brian May has coronavirus

The Queen guitarist revealed over the weekend that he and his wife Anita Dobson contracted coronavirus after attending a party earlier this month and although he is "fundamentally OK", the 74-year-old star wishes he was able to go out and about to enjoy the festive period.

He wrote on Instagram: "I’m fundamentally OK. Just feeling a bit c*** and frustrated at not being able to be out and about at this time of year. But I think we’re all feeling a bit of that - right ?"

The 'We Are The Champions' hitmaker has been suffering a variety of symptoms, including fatigue and a cough.

He wrote: "That dry wheezy cough has returned today, and there is a kind of fountain of irritation on one side of my sinuses. I also keep falling asleep - not in a peaceful kind of way, but in a “I can’t keep my eyes open another second” kind of way. So it’s a damn good job this happened at a time when I’m NOT crazy busy as usual.(sic)"

Brian questioned UK statistics about the different variants of the virus because he was told the information about the specific strain he's contracted wasn't available.

He continued: "And it’s so clear that the new Omicron variant is completely out of control in the UK. And probably in the whole world of humans. Talking of which .. does anybody out there know WHICH variant they caught ? I don’t. I have been told that this information isn’t available from the NHS tests. If that’s the case, where are all these statistics coming from every day ? I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who knows the answer to this."

The musician ended his update by urging fans to be cautious when they go out.

He said: "Cheers all, and good luck out there. I say again … it’s very apparent now that although the lateral flow test is a useful guide, if you get a negative result tomorrow morning, you cannot 100% guarantee that you are not infected and infectious all day.

"So for the sake of everyone around you, keep the caution going - masks, social distance, common sense - and only go to a gathering in an enclosed space if you are really sure the risk is worth it. As my dear Mum used to say (in half-jest) — ”Do as I say - not as I do !"

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