Brian McFadden has found love with a PE teacher.

Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden

The former Westlife singer hit it off with teacher Danielle Parkinson - who he met through mutual friends - and now considers her hometown of Manchester like his "first home".

He told the Manchester Evening News: "We had a lovely holiday and it was nice to get away before the tour. And Danielle is a teacher so it was nice for her to have a holiday.

"We met in Manchester through mutual friends and at the moment it's my first home. I'm in Rochdale all the time now. It's perfect for me because I'm a Manchester United supporter and I enjoy playing golf in Manchester. It isn't my first time in Manchester but I had never been to Rochdale before."

Meanwhile, Brian - who was previously married to Vogue Williams and Kerry Katona, with whom he shares his two daughters, Molly, 15, and Lily-Sue, 14 - previously admitted he had been enjoying single life and is a big flirt.

He said: "I have definitely enjoyed being single. It's been fun and I like flirting. I'm not on Tinder but I have met girls and got their numbers, then flirty-texted them.

"I haven't been on many dates but it's just nice not to have any responsibility. I'm supposed to be going on a date with someone. She's in the industry but I'm not telling you her name. We've never met before but she started talking to me on Twitter. It's random, I know."

However, Brian's children always come top priority for him.

Speaking about his close relationship with his two daughters, he added: "I had kids when I was in my early years, so I grew up with them. My relationship with my girls is more of a friendship, rather than just being their parent. Everything we do together is fun and there's no strictness."