Brie Bella has been suffering from "mom guilt".

Brie Bella

Brie Bella

The 34-year-old wrestler struggled to know when was best to stop breastfeeding daughter Birdie, 17 months, and felt terrible when her milk supply began to dwindle and she had to introduce a bottle of formula to supplement the tot's feeding schedule.

In a clip from an upcoming episode of 'Total Divas', Brie visited a breastfeeding support group and told the assembled women: "My breast milk's taken a huge dip.

"I used to have enough where I donate. And now I've realised in the last month, that I can't even keep up with her during the day so I've had to introduce one bottle of formula a day.

"I'm trying to pump and do all this stuff, but it's the stress. I hate pumping.

"The guilt always plays in. Mom guilt's the worst feeling in the world."

And Brie - who has Birdie with husband Daniel Bryan - admitted her struggles made her feel like she was "failing" as a mother.

She said: "I thought pumping could balance Birdie and my job, but it's not working. It's weird how you just constantly feel like you're failing."

The WWE star came away from the support group feeling much more positive and secure in herself as a mother.

She said: "These women make me feel like it's OK if you don't want to breastfeed anymore or it's OK to still balance it.

"To have other women just be like, 'You do you. That's all you have to do.' I haven't felt that in a while, so it means a lot to me right now."

Brie recently revealed that she would be raising her daughter on a vegetarian diet, but won't stop the tot from eating meat if she requests it.

She said: "As of right now, I am [feeding Birdie a vegetarian diet]. The day that Birdie asks me to try meat, I won't deny it to her."

Brie doesn't want to "push" her beliefs onto her daughter, and will let her make her own decisions when she gets older.

She added: "I'll always let her know the things I believe in and why, but I'll never push them on her. I was blessed to be raised in a family where they didn't push a lot of stuff on me.

"I was able to find who I am today and I want Birdie to have that. I'll educate her on why I live the lifestyle I do, but if she asks for it one day I won't make her feel bad about it and I'll let her try it for sure."