Britney Spears spent over $200,000 on her appearance last year.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

The 'Toxic' hitmaker spent $10,956,873.91 in 2016, meaning she managed to put some money into her savings account, as legal documents filed by her conservatorship and obtained by E! News show she earned almost $16 million in 12 months.

Among the 35-year-old pop star's outgoings were $120,000 on massages, grooming and nails, $69,000 on wardrobe and almost $25,000 on hair and make-up, a much bigger splurge than her pampering expenditure the previous year, which came in at $68,000.

And Britney - whose property and assets are valued at more than $55 million - also splashed out around $30,000 caring for her beloved pet dogs, $8,000 less than she spent on her pets in 2015.

It was recently claimed the 'Piece of Me' hitmaker is planning to redraft her will, which was penned before she gave birth to her two sons Sean, who turns 12 on Thursday (14.09.17), and 11-year-old Jayden, as a means of safeguarding the long-term future of her children.

Under the current arrangement, Sean and Jayden - who she has with ex-husband Kevin Federline - stand to inherit her entire estate when they turn 18.

But Britney doesn't want her boys to be handed so much money while they are still teenagers and is, therefore, keen to create a trust for her children.

The blonde beauty is determined to ensure her kids do not have access to the entire fortune until they turn 35, meaning they will be given limited access to her fortune at the age of 18, with additional access being granted at 25.

The trust would also mean Sean and Jayden pay less in inheritance tax when they are given the money.

Britney's proposal still needs to be rubber-stamped by a judge, but there aren't likely to be any last-minute problems that derail the plan.