Britney Spears' son has claimed she's planning to "quit" music.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Jayden Federline has promised to tell the "whole story" about his famous mother if his Instagram followers grow, but in the mean time, he admitted he's unsure whether fans will ever get to hear a new record from her in the future.

In a live stream on Instagram, he said: "What's going on with my mom? I'll tell you guys the whole story about my mom and stuff if I get 5,000 followers on my Instagram. That stuff will come out way in the future [when] I get really popular."

Asked by a fan if she will make new music at any point as it's now been around a year since her Las Vegas residency ended, he said: "Actually I haven't seen her doing a lot of music at all. I don't think that ... I don't know, dude.

"I don't even know. I remember one time I asked her, I said, 'Mom, what happened to your music?' and she was like, 'I don't know, honey. I think I might just quit it.' I'm like, 'What? What are you saying? Like, do you know how much bank you make off of that stuff?' "

Jayden, 13, revealed he's currently living with his father, Kevin Federline, and will see his mother "in a couple weeks".

He said: "I'm gonna visit her in like a couple weeks cause I'm with my dad right now. I'm doing pretty good."

The teenager insisted his dad wouldn't be upset about his livestream.

He said: "I mean, my dad doesn't care. I have the best dad ever. My dad's literally Jesus."

And Jayden also had praise for Britney's boyfriend Sam Asghari.

He said: "I like Sam. He's good, he's nice. He's a really good dude."

But one person who the youngster is upset with is his grandfather, Jamie Spears - who famously temporarily stepped down as Britney's personal conservator last August following a physical altercation with Jayden's 14-year-old brother Sean Preston.

Jayden ranted: 'How can we support your mom?' Well, I don't know. 'Cause like I'm trying to do stuff, but like they're all over me or whatever.

"'Is your grandpa a jerk?' Yeah, he's a pretty big d**k. He can go die."

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