Brooke Shields says her 15-year-old daughter is going through an “a**hole” phase.

Brooke Shields says her 15-year-old daughter is at a difficult age

Brooke Shields says her 15-year-old daughter is at a difficult age

The ‘A Castle for Christmas’ star has opened up on the difficulties of raising her two teenage daughters, whom she shares with her husband Christopher Henchy, on Dax Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast.

Dax, 46, asked Brooke the ages of her two kids Rowan and Grier, prompting the 56-year-old actress to reply: "18 and a**hole."

After Dax and his co-host Monica Padman correctly guessed that meant 15, the ‘Blue Lagoon’ star continued how “fun” it was being the mother of daughters and teased what she is dealing with will soon be Dax’s fate as he has two girls with similar age gaps - eight-year-old Lincoln and six-year-old Delta - with his actress wife Kristen Bell, 41.

She said dryly: “It’s so much fun. [Grier] just FaceTimed me about this dress she wants to buy, and its this big drama, and I'm trying to succinctly tell her what is the best plan of action to get said dress, and then in case, if said dress doesn’t fit a certain way, we can get it another one. It’s this whole thing, but I was laying it out and then I get a text saying, 'I really don't appreciate the way you talk to me. I think you talk to me like I am a child.’ And I’m like, ‘Hmm, OK...’"

The ‘Lipstick Jungle’ star referred to the differences between her two daughters as “night and day”.

Brooke admits it is “crazy” because they have the “same parents, same bodies, same house”.

The ‘Chalet Girl’ star reflected that her daughters were different with her father.

She said: "With the girls, their dad is kind of their first love. It's special."

However, despite the parenting problems, Brooke added: "But my girls tell me everything, and it usually ends up with, 'Don't tell dad.' "

The former face of Calvin Klein has big ambitions for her “social justice warrior” youngest.

She said of Grier: "The 15-year-old shocks me at times…. She's a social justice warrior. She can take an argument. I'd love her to be a prosecutor."