Bruce Springsteen's dad insisted he cut his hair before receiving medical treatment after a motorcycle accident.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

The 67-year-old rocker sported a lengthy do in homage to his heroes The Beatles during the 1960s, much to his father Doug's displeasure.

And after the 'Born to Run' hitmaker was involved in a crash when he was 17, his dad insisted he had his locks chopped as he was concerned doctors would refuse to treat him otherwise.

Discussing how Doug reacted after the crash, Bruce said: "He called the barber.

"I went to the hospital, there were doctors who once they basically mended you, refused to treat you after that because your hair was long, it's insane.

"My dad was deeply embarrassed by the way his son looked so decided, 'We gotta get you to the barbers so we can get you to the doctor', but I was screaming bloody murder [as they cut it]."

Bruce was always proud that his "symbolic" hair style demonstrated his allegiance to his favourite group, and insisted it was a brave look to sport as not everyone looked kindly on it.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2's Simon Mayo, he said: "There's not as much [hair] now, there used to be more. It was so symbolic, it's hard to express.

"I think the nearest thing would be when the punk revolution hit and the kids with the mohawks, that was the last time you could physically distinguish yourself as part of a new philosophy, previous to that it was 64 when the Beatles - who now look quite conservative on the cover of that first record - outraged people, they were like 'Are you gay?'

"That's what my father asked when I grew my hair an inch and he wasn't kidding.

"It's hard to explain but it immediately made you part of a very elite and impearled club, where if you saw anyone else with that hair they were immediately your soul brother.

"It was very powerful statement and one that took some balls to wear because there were a lot of guys who felt deeply threatened by your fashion choice and would let you know it."

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