Caitlyn Jenner argued "beauty is about your soul" as she accepted a prize at the Xpose Benefit Awards 2018 on Thursday (01.01.18).

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner

The reality TV star was in Dublin, Ireland, for the ceremony and delivered an emotional speech as she insisted there is much more to being beautiful than superficial trends.

Receiving the Beauty Icon gong, she said: "We talk about beauty, fashion, all those types of things ... first of all, the way I look at it, I look at this room and there are beautiful women everywhere. I think beauty is more than just what you see.

"Beauty is about your soul ... It's about what you do for society, what you give back to mankind."

As reported by the Irish Independent newspaper, Caitlyn went on to open up about her transition into life as a woman, and how it helped her assess her own views on feminism.

She added: "It's given me an interesting perspective, I remember one time, somebody asked, 'Are you a feminist?' I said, 'Oh my God, I never even thought about, what do you mean am I a feminist?'

"It was just a lot of issues out there that I'm working on. If you think a feminist is a woman who is strong, who is independent, intelligent and can take this world and grasp it and go after it, yes there's a lot of things."

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