Cara Delevingne's weirdest experience on the set of 'Suicide Squad' was seeing her co-star Jai Courtney "stark naked".

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 23-year-old supermodel-and-actress - who plays sorceress Enchantress in the DC Comics blockbuster - admitted that there was never a "normal" day filming the movie, but watching Jai, who plays Captain Boomerang, running away from director David Ayer was one of the most bizarre experiences.

Speaking on the pink carpet at the European premiere of 'Suicide Squad' at London's Odeon Leicester Square on Wednesday night (03.08.16), she told Laura Whitmore: "There were so many weird experiences, I can't even tell you a normal experience that I had on this set.

"Probably standing outside in hair and make-up and seeing Jai Courtney sprint out of his trailer completely stark boll**k naked running after Dave Ayer the director. I've never seen David run so fast in my life."

Meanwhile, Cara admitted she's "a little demon at heart" just like her alter-ego Enchantress.

She said: "To be honest, I am a little demon at heart. It's how I wake up in the morning honestly."

And while it was challenging having to spend hours in hair and make-up playing her part seemed effortless after the preparation.

Asked by Laura if she found it challenging, she said: "It was three hours of hair and make-up every day ... and the amount of tattoos and dirt. It was definitely a challenge but it was easy to get through to my character after all of that. I definitely got a bit angry."