Cardi B thinks she's been "working too hard" lately.

Cardi B

Cardi B

The 28-year-old star - who has Kulture, two, with rapper Offset - made the claim on Twitter after one of her followers asked why she's recently been absent from the platform.

In response, Cardi - who has more than 16 million Twitter followers - wrote: "I was sleeping all day woke up at 11am ate some cereal and then some D*** fell asleep again and woke up 2 hours ago.Waiting for my food and back to sleep I go.I been working too hard and the work continues tomorrow. (sic)"

The rap star - who hasn't released an album since 2018's 'Invasion of Privacy' - has been outspoken on various issues over recent months, including racial inequality and the US presidential election.

Prior to the election, Cardi was especially critical of President Donald Trump, describing him as an ineffectual leader.

She said last year: "Those people that he caters [to], he’s not going to do anything for them. It’s not like Republicans are getting better housing. It’s not like Republicans are getting better benefits. They’re not.

"He’s not doing anything for anybody. He’s just saying things that appease the same people."

Cardi hopes the new president will adopt an entirely different approach.

The 'WAP' hitmaker wants Joe Biden to listen to the public and understand the "pain of the people".

She explained: "I want a president who makes me feel secure. I want a president who understands the pain of the people. I want a president who is going to give us answers.

"That’s why I like [New York governor Andrew] Cuomo. I like him because he makes me feel like he’s listening to me."

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