Cardi B wants to "gain back" some of her baby weight.

Cardi B

Cardi B

The 'Bodack Yellow' rapper has been working on shedding the pounds she put on when she was carrying her daughter Kulture Kiari - whom she has with her husband Offset - since the tot's birth in July, but she has now claimed she thinks she might have gone too far with her weight loss, as she'd like to put a few of the pounds back on again.

Posting a picture of herself on Instagram, she wrote: "Now that i lost all the baby weight i gotta gain some back. Skinnymomma @teamiblends getting me snatched (sic)"

The post comes after Cardi, 25, previously claimed she was considering liposuction to remove her fat, because she doesn't like working out.

She said: "I still got, like, a lot of love handles right here. They're not much, but it's, like, you know, I'm used to having, like, a real tight stomach. So this extra skin is like, 'Where the f **k did you came from?!'

"But it's like I might just get a little lipo. Because I mean, I feel like I can work out and my stomach will be back how it used to be. But I really don't have time to work out. I never been the type to work out. I never stepped a foot in the gym."

The 'I Like That' hitmaker has been open about her body struggles in the past, and also revealed she wanted a "titty renovation", after being left shocked by how low her breasts have dropped since giving birth.

She said: Oh this sh*t is crazy, I have never done this sh*t in my life before. I have to f***ing tape my titties up because giving birth and sh*t.

"My titties were already a little low low because I got my tits done when I was 19 and I never wore a bra and sh*t. But when I was pregnant my sh*t was nice though. Now though, Kulture did me filthy!

"I don't give a f**k, if you motherf*****s see me gone in November/December I'm getting my tits done, I don't give a f**k.

"Matter of fact, I'm not even going to call it surgery, I'm just going to call it a titty renovation because I've got to renovate these. Sh*t is f**ked up, I'm out here taping myself so my tits can be [cluck cluck cluck noise]. I want my sh*ts to be like this again, sh*t is not looking beaut but I don't give a f**k."