Carey Mulligan is set to star in the new one-woman play 'Girls & Boys' in London.

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan

The 32-year-old actress - who was born and raised in English capital but has since relocated to the US - hasn't graced a theatre stage on her home turf since 2014 when she played Kyra Hollis in the West End's 'Skylight', but all that is set to change next year as she will portray Woman in Dennis Kelly's new drama at the Royal Court Theatre.

The production will follow a woman - played by Carey - who meets her future husband at an airport, they fall in love and settle down but their whole world will start to fall apart.

The blonde beauty - who has two young children with her husband Marcus Mumford -

has admitted she couldn't possible turn down the role when she was approached by Kelly because she was "captivated" by the character due to how "normal" she is.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: "They are an ordinary family then their whole world starts to unravel and events take a disturbing turn."

The play will be directed by Lyndsey Turner and designed by Es Devlin and Kelly is no doubt feeling the pressure as it is his first production at the Royal Court since 'The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas', which was directed by Vicky Featherstone.

'Girls & Boys' will be at the Royal Court Downstairs from February 8 to March 10.

Meanwhile, although she's got a highly successful career under her belt, Carey has admitted she used to be so scared of red carpets that she'd hide in the bathroom.

She said recently: "I think it's ultimately a tool to promote the work that you're proud of.

"At the beginning, I'd end up in tears in the bathroom at some point during a day of photos and press.

"I would do red carpets and be a wreck by the end; I found it awful and weird, standing there in my outfits with my body being judged and my appearance and make-up.

"It's a f***ing weird, bizarre thing to have 200 people screaming at you taking a photo."