Carmen Electra is a "little pickier" when it comes to men now.

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra

The 44-year-old model is single at the moment but is looking forward to the day "the right person will come her way".

She said: "I'm actually single right now. But I believe in love and I think the right person will come my way. I think I'm a little pickier now. I just want the right thing.

"[But] I also decided to focus on work. I've been out on some dates, but nothing has really panned out for me. I'm not out there looking. I think that it will happen naturally and I'll be excited for that day."

And despite her stunning figure, Carmen admits there are parts of her body that she doesn't "feel confident" about.

She added to Fox News: "I think every woman has parts about their bodies that they feel confident about, and then other parts that they don't feel as comfortable with.

"You have to know your body and how you want to look. You do that by trying everything on. For me, I love corsets ... unless I'm around the house, then I want something really comfortable and soft. But whatever makes you feel best."

Meanwhile, Carmen previously confessed she would love to date an "intelligent" man.

She said: "If they don't trust me, it's hard. It makes work hard. They have to be incredibly smart, intelligent, brains is everything. Looks aren't really a priority for me. I like artists, a sense of humour.

"But I have a tendency to get bored. I like very intelligent men because they're interesting; it's sexy to me. Someone that's open to play and have fun not someone that's so serious."

And whilst she'd love to have that special someone in her life, Carmen is trying to strike up a "balance" between her career and her home life.

She added: "I just keep myself really busy and throw myself into work. I'm trying to have more balance in my life because I'm either one hundred percent work or one hundred percent relationship.

"I love doing this and I'm a workaholic sometimes and other times, I like to chill and relax. It's about finding that balance. I'm getting there."

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