Catherine Zeta-Jones says listening to one another is the key to her long- lasting marriage to Michael Douglas.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

The 47-year-old actress married her 71-year-old actor husband back in 2000, and she has revealed the secret to their happy and loving relationship.

Asked by 'Extra' TV show host AJ Calloway for her tips to a long and blossoming romance, she simply said: "Being kind, being nice, having your listening ears."

Together, the couple have son Dylan, 17, and 14-year-old daughter Carys, and proud mum Catherine explained that their children don't seem to feel the need to rebel because they have been given "pretty broad" boundaries as it is.

She explained: "I think Michael and I haven't given them anything to rebel against and the boundaries, they know the boundaries and they don't violate those because they are pretty broad," she said, while admitting sometimes their teenage kids seem to overshare.

"Sometimes they give way too much information and I'm like, 'Whoa! Stop, I'm your mother. I don't want to know that...' Yeah, too many words, don't want to know, eeeeek!"

Meanwhile, the 'Rock of Ages' star recently revealed her daughter has developed an interest in pursuing a career in show business, which has got even stronger after she recently attended New York Fashion Week.

She said: "She wants to get into the business in all its capacity.

"She is a wonderful actress and wonderful singer and pianist but she loves fashion."

The Welsh beauty - who supports her daughter's ambitions - has already been advising Carys about the attributes she'll need in order to thrive in Hollywood.

She said previously: "She's very head strung in her career.

"A doctor has always been in the cards but acting is her passion and I've schooled them in that the business is broad these days and you got to go out there knowing that there's critiques."

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