Kate Moss apparently flew e-cigarettes on holiday to her this summer

Kate Moss apparently flew e-cigarettes on holiday to her this summer

The electronic cigarette market is growing rapidly, and celebrity power has no doubt had a massive effect on the popularity of e-cigs. A whole host of female celebrities including Kate Moss and Jenny McCarthy have been spotted out and about with electronic cigarettes.  

Katherine Heigl is well known for her love of e-cigarettes and is frequently seen using the electronic devices. She’s such a fan she even openly vaped live on the David Letterman show, which set off a huge spark in the electronic cigarette market, with many people interested in trying electronic cigarettes to see what all of the speculation was about.

Other celebrities spotted with electronic cigarettes include Charlie Sheen, Bruno Mars, Lindsay Lohan, Alexa Chung, Britney Spears, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. Electronic cigarettes are battery powered vaping devices. The vaporiser component heats the e-liquid to create a vapour. The e-liquid vapour can then be inhaled in a similar way to smoking a conventional cigarette. They don’t contain tobacco and different flavours of e-liquid are available.

The look of electronic cigarettes has dramatically changed over the last few years as they have become more popular. In the early stages of electronic cigarette manufacturing, the products where big, bulky and usually made out of metal, these developed into slim mental or plastic devices. Now some more modern, sleek electronic cigarette devices look almost identical to a conventional tobacco cigarette.

There are many different types of vaping devices available in various designs and sizes. One of the newest and most realistic looking devices to be launched are Vype e-cigarettes.

Vype electronic cigarette have a soft filter tip and an LED light on the end, which illuminates a soft red when the device is in use, making it look and feel realistic. The vapour released from the Vype has a similar appearance to the smoke exhaled when smoking, and the lightweight device is neat and fits easily into a handbag or pocket.  

So with celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy endorsing electronic cigarettes and Katherine Heigl vaping on live TV it looks like they are going to continue to grow in popularity.

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