Chance the Rapper joked it was a "huge relief" to attend the Met Gala without his children.

Kirsten Corley Bennett and Chance the Rapper

Kirsten Corley Bennett and Chance the Rapper

The 28-year-old rapper - who has daughters Kensli, five, and two-year-old Marli with wife Kirsten Corley Bennett - enjoyed a rare adults only evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (13.09.21) evening and admitted he was having a great time without his offspring.

Speaking to Keke Palmer during the Vogue live stream, he quipped: "This is a huge relief to just be out here with a bunch of adults."

But while Chance thought it was "amazing" to be out without his daughters, his wife didn't share his enthusiasm, prompting a fake change of heart from the musician.

Chance told People magazine: "[It's] amazing."

Kirsten said: "I miss them!"

Her admission prompted her spouse to joke: "I miss them [too]. Just in case they look at this interview in 20 years!"

The 'No Problem' hitmaker previously spoke of his pride that Dad was both his children's first word - even if they didn't correctly grasp the meaning.

Speaking last year, he said of Marli: "Her first word was 'Dada,' which I'm proud to say both of my girls' first words were 'Dad' basically.

"She calls everybody 'Dada' now. She even calls her toys and her pacifier 'Dada,' so that's just her go-to phrase now.

"I was making a bite for Kensli, and [Marli] was in her little walker. She wobbled over to me and I was like, 'Heyyyy' and she responded the exact same little 'Heyyyy' back to me.

"It was in key and matched my energy perfectly. I was like 'Damn, can you talk? That's crazy.' That was a crazy moment for me. I laughed at it."

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