Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden have named their baby son Bowie Grey - but not after the late David Bowie.

Matthew Wolfenden and Charley Webb

Matthew Wolfenden and Charley Webb

The 'Emmerdale' stars - who also have five-year-old son Buster together - gave their little one the striking moniker shortly after his birth in December, just three weeks before the music icon tragically passed away, but are adamant their choice of name was purely a coincidence.

Asked if they'd given him that name as a tribute to the legend, Charley said: "No! We just loved the name."

And Matthew, 35, added: "Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of David Bowie but that wasn't why we chose the name. We just both loved it. Charley's sister Cassie [Lomas] texted the name to us a few months before he was born and straight away we both loved it. We'd chosen the name before he was born and named him straight away, and then David Bowie died three weeks later."

However, despite finding it "annoying" having to explain each time someone asks if they called him Bowie after the 'Starman' hitmaker, they wouldn't want it any other way.

Charley said: "At first I did think it was strange because he'd passed away, but in reality we wouldn't have changed it. He was nearly a month old by the time it happened so we'd already been calling him it for weeks."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty - who is currently on maternity leave from 'Emmerdale' - is already thinking about having another child and would like to add to her brood sooner rather than later.

She told OK! magazine: "Having this one has made us decide we definitely want another. If we do have another one I'd like to breastfeed for longer."