Charlie Sheen feels "amazing" since starting a new HIV drug trial.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

The 50-year-old revealed last year that he is HIV positive but says he feels better than ever after embarking on a new treatment called PRO 140.

He told the i newspaper: "I'm actually involved in a FDA [Food and Drug Administration] trial where it's going to change the immediate landscape of HIV treatment. It's a company called CytoDyne and a treatment called PRO 140. And instead of taking the pills every day, it's one shot every week.

"So I go to my doctor and he administers that. I'm in my third week of that and I already feel amazing, because taking those pills every day, it's a bit toxic you know. This is quite the opposite, so we're really excited about the prospect of that.

"And you know, if I just accept it as this is part of my life, then it's a lot easier to deal with."

Earlier this year Charlie embarked on a controversial treatment in Mexico with Dr Sam Chachoua, who told him that arthritic goats milk could cure the disease, and the actor says it was a mistake.

He said: "I had that episode in Mexico with the charlatan, so that was kind of a mess."

Meanwhile, Charlie has also taken responsibility for his dismissal from 'Two and a Half Men' and regrets his previous actions, including lashing out at creator Chuck Lorre.

He said: "Whatever went bad I'm sure was my fault and I've come to terms with that."

However, he is looking to the future and hopes to work with his father Martin Sheen - who guest starred in the sitcom - again soon.

He said: "He's one of my heroes. If something, the right thing came up, absolutely - any chance to work with your family, especially when they are this talented. It's always a gift."