Chelsea Handler was intimidated by Sarah Silverman before they met.

Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman

Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman

The 43-year-old actress and comedian posted a sweet tribute to her "sister" Sarah Silverman on Instagram reveling the story behind how they became friends, but revealed she was initially "intimidated" by the 44-year-old actress but now after years of being close friends, Chelsea credits Sarah to making her a better person.

Posting a selfie of the pair to her Instagram, she wrote the caption: "This is one of my favorites. She approached me one night at a charity event and said, "hey, we should be friends. Why aren't we?" I had no answer except for the fact I felt intimidated by her. Ive known her now for years and I love her like a sister. I don't see her all the time - I don't hang out with her all the time - but I know she is my sister. She made me a better female, and is exactly what women should be like.- come over here and be with us. #iloveyouamerica#hulu @sarahkatesilverman [sic]"

Sarah has been a guest on Chelsea's Netflix talk show 'Chelsea Lately' and when the famous duo aren't taking cute pictures together, they're tackling political issues in America.

On an episode of the show last year, Sarah reveled how she private messaged Ivanka Trump on Instagram to try and convince her father Donald Trump to reconsider his plans to de-fund planned parenthood services in the United States, a service which both Chelsea and Sarah are advocates for.

She said: "I actually saw that (Ivanka) follows me on Twitter and I direct-messaged her and I was like, 'This is your chance. You're writing your life story here. I talked to her and told her what we do. I explained in detail, but, so far, the White House has been a total zero on women and women's health ... I think Ivanka's job now is that she's in charge of all women's issues. This would be time to kind of step up."