Chloe Khan is struggling as an "unpaid carer" to an unnamed family member with "severe mental health problems".

Chloe Khan

Chloe Khan

The 26-year-old television personality has revealed she has been taking care of the loved one "mentally, physically, and financially" since she was a young girl, and has admitted that she finds the task "draining", as she is struggling to deal with the "blame" she receives when things go wrong.

Writing in a lengthy post on Instagram, she wrote: "Hey guys , I don't really talk about my family life on here but I havnt been posting much so just wanted to fill you in . Since I was a little girl I have basically been a (unpaid) carer for one of my family members who has severe mental health problems . It's frustrating because they are so intelligent but unfortunately they mask there issues with addiction and it has really caused a lot of problems for me and the family over the years . It's probably what makes me such a positive person because I've seen what bad vibes and negative thoughts / depression can do to a person.

"Anyway it's at a bad point at the min . Especially tonight . I can't wait to get out of the country if I'm honest . I'll always love them and they are my best friend when they are sober but that is very limited now . I do more than people can imagine for this person mentally , physically and financially and it can be really draining when - I don't expect a thankyou but I don't appreciate having it blamed on me so often when I do so much :( I know they can't help it . I also feel like people can never understand who I am as a person because I'm not aloud to speak about things like this to people because they are so paranoid it could reflect bad on them . (sic)"

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant then added that although she doesn't like talking about her family on social media, she simply wants to be "understood".

She continued; "I don't want credit for it - family is family but I wish people knew everything so I wouldn't be so miss understood . Anyway whatever iv said it now . Good vibes to everyone . I'll just drink my coconut and get on with it lol but this is why I never judge anyone and this is also the main reason I don't post my family on social media . Love u all anyway . Sorry to everyone I owe promo posts to . Hopefully get on to them tomorrow . Need a sunshine and a cocktail ASAP I'll probably regret saying this and delete it soon -_- (sic)"